In Flight Ministries

"Helping God's men soar to new heights through Resources, Renewal, and Reinforcement!"

Our Vision Concerning Resources

1.  Online Inspiration (Blogs, Audios, Videos, etc. specifically tailored for pastoral encouragement.)

2.  Printed Materials (Provided free to Pastors as interest is expressed and supplies last.)

3.  Leadership Training Materials (Developed and supplied for Pastor's local church key leaders.)

​4.  Online Community (Designed for Pastors to connect and fellowship.)

5.  Financial Wellness (Materials provided to educate and equip the Pastor for financial success.)

​6.  Counseling (Professional Christian Counselors hotline made available for Pastor and family for individual or family counseling to provide privacy and confidentiality.)

7.  Family Resources (Provided for Pastor's wives and children for inspiration and encouragement, such as PK's Kids' Support Groups, PW's Support Groups, etc.)

NOTE:  As our ministry develops, this website will be updated with links associated with each item listed above. Be sure to subscribe to our news feed here to be notified of most recent developments and/or resources as they become available!  Meanwhile, should you know of some resources that would fit our descriptions above that you would recommend that we list here for the benefit of others, please feel free to let us know via our contact page!