In Flight Ministries

"Helping God's men soar to new heights through Resources, Renewal, and Reinforcement!"

Our Vision Concerning Reinforcement

1.  Local Church Support (Provide churches with biblical materials that better equip and educate them on how best to support their Pastors.)

2.  Websites (Assistance with development and/or maintenance of website for ministry.)

3.  Blog(s) (Assistance with development and/or maintenance.)

4.  Printed Materials (Assistance in designing ministry-based materials for church and/or events, such as flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.)

​5.  App(s) (Assistance with developing and/or maintaining smart phone apps for ministry.)

6.  Audio Mixing (Assistance in mixing audios of sermons for pod-casting and/or radio ministry.)

​7.  Training (To teach pastor and/or his team on any or all of the aspects mentioned above for self-sustaining purposes.)

8.  Phone Ministry (Initiating powerful phone ministry via technological capabilities of reaching thousands in minutes with info about prayer line, upcoming events, church news, etc.)

9.  Door to Door Support (Providing team of trained volunteers to help personally invite hundreds or thousands via door to door visitation to upcoming events such as revivals, conferences, jubilees, etc.)

10.  Emergency Response Team (To respond to Pastor and family in times of crisis for prayer, support, etc.)

NOTE:  As our ministry develops, this website will be updated with links associated with each item listed above. Be sure to subscribe to our news feed here to be notified of most recent developments and/or resources as they become available!  Meanwhile, should you know of some resources that would fit our descriptions above that you would recommend that we list here for the benefit of others, please feel free to let us know via our contact page!