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Our Mission


Every Paul needs his Timothy, and likewise every Timothy needs his Paul!  Our purpose is to help make meaningful connections in the body of Christ that could be the difference between defeat & victory for that Paul or that Timothy that needs support to keep pressing on.


Our ministry is a work in progress; as The Lord blesses and we expand, we will be able to implement many phases of our vision that will enable us to minister more effectively to the Pastor and his family.


Meanwhile, we trust that you will browse our pages to catch the vision of what we feel led of The Lord to accomplish here at In Flight Ministries, and if you feel led of The Lord to get involved in any way, we invite you to contact us accordingly!  God bless, and happy browsing!

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Founder Info

In Flight Ministries is founded by Pastor Gary and Sister Amy Caudill, who have been married and in ministry together since 1999.  You can learn more about their testimony by clicking the button below...

Who We Are


"Helping God's men soar to new heights through Resources, Renewal, and Reinforcement!"